Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing Sucks – ALL98

Social media is all the rage with internet and ecommerce entrepreneurs. For Amazon it does not make sense. It kills conversions, wastes time and is not an efficient business builder – here is why.

Social Media Marketing…?

  • How to get track outside of Amazon
  • Why I don’t like social media marketing
  • What Amazon cares about and ranks for
  • The effectiveness of social media
  • How 80/20 always wins
  • Why you should focus on your strengths
  • The reason Facebook ads did nothing
  • Ways to fail with social media
  • The value of branding in selling your business
  • Why most marketing is stupid
  • The reason Amazon PPC is the best trafffic source
  • Why AMZSplit is huge on growth
  • What happens with shitty conversion rates
  • When to start using social media marketing
  • Building an ecommerce store?
  • How to use customer phone numbers to target ads in Facebook

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  1. What you are forgetting is that these elements (email list, SM following, other traffic sources) can increase the perceived value of your company if you intend to sell it. If Amazon is your only traffic source it can scare away potential investors. For cashflow reasons it doesn’t make sense, but for maximizing the value of your asset it certainly does.

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