Selling an amazon business

This Week In Amazon 9th June 2017 TWIA-2


How is Amazon treating you?

In case you missed out, here’s This Week in Amazon, the best of the best – curated by yours truly to save you time and energy and help your FBA empire grow.


#1 – A White Hat Solution to Getting Initial Reviews on Amazon

Amazon has just launched a new system to help new starters get reviews, find out if you are eligible and how you can benefit from it.

#2 – The Important things to know when selling a Private Label Business

Selling your business may be a goal for you as it was for me, David Bryant explains the benefits and drawbacks of selling his company and what to expect when and if you do.

#3 – How to Pick a Killer Product with Excellent ROI

Finding the right product is a pain, when you are just starting out and expanding your brand, Stephen describes the most important factors to finding the perfect product and how to make sure you have an excellent ROI.

#4 – Illuminati Mastermind Webinar
Webinar with Manny Coats and Kevin King give best tips on how to negotiate with suppliers, how to insure and protect your amazon investment and how to add videos to your amazon listings.



Ps. Sellics is my top Amazon management tool – PPC, profit, sales, ranks, reviews… it does it all – here is uk and de versions too