Amazon Cash Flow

The Rich Man’s Guide to Amazon Cashflow – ALL97

Wow. A mouth full today on reinvesting, scaling, new brands, taxes, account issues and more as I share my thoughts and fears about Amazon, reinvesting and beyond.

Wealth and Cashflow Covered

  • How to get verified reviews
  • Why your goals are imporant for planning
  • What I did before Amazon
  • The reason I don’t recommend taking money out of your business
  • How to grow your profit constantly
  • Why $500 challenges are stupid
  • The way to replace your full time job
  • What it really looks like to own your business
  • Why you cannot take money out of your business
  • I use Jungle Scout to find more products
  • The importance of brand building
  • What happens when your Amazon business crashes
  • When it is time to take money out of your business
  • Why launching a new brand beats the tax man
  • The reason I’m really learning real estate
  • How rich people think
  • When it is time to sell a business

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