Email Efficient

The Efficient Way to Happiness, Productivity and Profitability – ALL99

Email wastes your time. Get more productive and more profitable today with a few quick hacks and mindset shifts to reduce stress and workload and automate your Amazon empire.

Get Efficient Now

  • Busy is the new lazy
  • Why equating your time with money isn’t good
  • What to think about in terms of your goals
  • The problem with emails
  • How empty your inbox automatically
  • Why you should have a customer service VA
  • How to filter out unimportant emails
  • Ways to save time and focus
  • The way Feedback Genius helps me monitor bad reviews
  • Why I follow up with bad reviews with customers
  • The true value of your time
  • Why a job isn’t a business
  • What you need to do to take yourself out of the business

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