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Reduce ACOS with Big Data PPC Powers Helping Amazon Sellers Profit – ALL60

Damn. Today is PPC unleashed and we go for it. Brian Johnson’s an expert Amazon ads guy and we break down best practices, PPC launch strategies, ACOS reducing, keyword matching, long tail research and much much more…I’d check this one guys.


  • The Ebay to Amazon transition
  • How to help entrepreneurs win and win in the process
  • Why yesterday was always easier – and it’s not an excuse
  • The way to view your products as early education
  • What to expect with Amazon and the business
  • The power of Amazon PPC for profits
  • Why Amazon’s easy to get started with ads
  • How to use Autotarget campaigns to understand Amazon’s view of your product
  • Why sales and traffic are scarily different
  • What to do right when you launch
  • Why certain match types perform differently
  • The reason I push for expensive sales
  • How to reduce ACOS costs
  • The difference for long tail versus power ppc
  • Why you should keep adding negative keywords continuously
  • The effect of Amazon top sponsored ads
  • Why reducing ACOS and click fraud keeps costs low
  • The reason automating PPC is almost necessary for scaling

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