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My Amazon FBA Launch Strategy (Case Study) to Rank Faster and Sell More NOW! – ALL4

Need to launch your private label products with a BANG? My 2nd and 3rd products just hit Amazon, here’s my launch strategy! Let’s break down Amazon TOS changes, SuperURLs, smashing giveaways, ranking faster, selling more and leveraging Amazon products to scale profitability faster. Welcome to my experiment in Amazon entrepreneurship, I’m launching, terrified and bound to make mistakes. Learn from them and together, let’s build bigger, better Amazon businesses!

Potentially Cool Amazon Nuggets from Today’s Episode

  • How I launched my first physical product in Amazon
  • What FBA sellers can do during product lead times
  • Challenges involved with non-USA based Amazon sellers
  • Why hiring a photographer is a no-brainer for Amazon
  • How many units should you be giving away for a product launch
  • Why big orders are better for momentum and sales
  • The reason I NEVER do free giveaways
  • How to use the power of community in making your product move
  • Are SuperURLs worth it
  • Planning before launch and tracking actual giveaways as you go
  • Why you MUST build your own email launch list!
  • The reason Seller Central promotion tracking is awful
  • What Amazon Terms of Service changes means for Amazon sellers
  • How to boost your rankings and results right out of the bat

My Product 1 Launch Formula

  • Friends and family pitch
  • Tomoson review bloggers
  • Amazon Top 500 Reviewers – highly valuable and incredible detail
  • Facebook 50% OFF giveaways!!!
  • AMZTracker Review Club
  • Launch list from a Facebook promo

Product 2 (and 3) Launch Strategy

  • Friends and family pitch (get reviews fast to start PPC)
  • 50% OFF launch list
  • Walking buyers step-by-step through finding and buying my products on Amazon instead of SuperURLs
  • Amazon Top Reviewers email…maybe???
  • Cross-promoting existing products
  • Decrease prices on existing products to sell more and increase product 2 exposure

Ps. Make 100% You Setup Feedback Follow Up BEFORE Launching 2nd or 3rd Products(separate autoresponders by ASIN)!!! I ALMOST goofed this up.

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  1. Thanks for all you have done. It helps a lot.

  2. You said you were you are in Thailand during the podcast. Are you still based there?

  3. Hello there,

    I am currently working on a new private label product that i’m going to launch within 2 months. Since my product is quit competitive i’m planning on doing a big launch. I have a general idea on how to launch a product on amazon but a lot has changed when it comes to amazon policy on giveaways etc. I would like to talk to someone about this topic. Is this the right place to talk about something like this?

    Thank you,

    Regards, Pieter-Bas

    • definitely. perfect place to talk about it and giveaways via keywords is what i like. i talk about it in a few episodes or we can chat further if you like. depends on competition level really

      • Hello Mat, I have a couple of questions.

        – When you are doing a give away launch for yor product should the reviews contain something like: ”I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review”?

        -When launching a product. Do you start with a very low price point to rank or are their minor differences in launch price and the price your current sale price?

        -Do you let these reviewers buy the product at full price by sending them a compensation first?

        -What exactly do you mean by give aways via keywords? Do you mean that reviewers buy your product through the keyword you want to rank for so that amazon registers conversion and starts ranking your listing?

        Thanks, Pieter-Bas

        Thank you. Looking forward to your reply

  4. Hi Matt,
    Just gone live so exciting at this point!!
    i have given 10 coupon codes to family and will start giving out 10 coupons every day my plan is too do it for 10 days see what outcome i get.. As soon as i hit 15 reviews i will turn on PPC.
    I have created squeeze page you think i should do facebook ad too bring traffic? Does it work ?
    At this stage when will i start seeing things moving? like organic sales ?
    my plan is too get 10 organic sales a day i know will take some work but i am patient just timescales would be useful.

    Thanks matt

  5. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your valuable information.
    Why didn’t you ship your products directly to FBA?
    Are your products #2 and #3 related to # 1? Are they going to be variations?
    Be glad to review your products.

    • Express costs way more than sea shipping…basically that is why.

    • Hi Matt,
      My private label product is now live when live on 16th April this is my second week and daily sales of round 3/6 are creeping in, on page 3 really happy about it, i have been using Reviewkick for my product launch they are very good review group already have 8 5 star reviews! you must try them it free too join too which is bonus.. I have been giving aroud 10 coupon codes away a day my plan is too keep doing it over 1 month so i get steady sales of around 10 or more a day.
      You think it good i start working on my second product i have already picked it?

      • yea, it is a great service and free

        i think less time and larger numbers is much more valuable for you


  6. Hi Matt!

    Hey, are you located in the U.S.? I was wondering if you could buy products from Asia and ship them to the U.S., but all monitored from outside the States. Can we do this? How do we deal with taxes in that case?

    Thank you!

    • Been abroad for 2 years without an issue.

      • Thanks Matt.

        Do you know how to deal with taxes? Do we need to pay taxes in the U.S. even if we are sending products from outside?

        Thanks again.

  7. its not relevant becuse super url is not allowd also free proudct for review
    so what the strategy is relevant in thess days

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