To The $50k+ A Month FBA Seller With Goals of Tripling

You are the average of the 5 people you associate most with. What’s your average? Probably not enough. You want more, others do not. This holds you back. Let me explain.

How You Can Double Business Without Working Harder

Small things make BIG differences. Do you have ALL the answers? Of course not. What would doubling conversions, reducing ACOS or ranking higher do for your profit? Big things, but you NEED to know what to do. Working harder will not get you to the next level. So what is the fastest way to next level success?

Surround Yourself With Top Sellers

Elite Amazon sellers are isolated. Facebook groups are not enough. Forums either. You need more. Support and strategies from entrepreneurs at and above you is critical to growth. You share the same challenges, but different methods. And you both could benefit hugely together. There is one problem.

A Mastermind Group You Can Trust

Trust! Exclusivity and trust are a must. You cannot fully benefit and grow your business without complete transparency. It is the most effective way, also the most dangerous. It is the reason traditional masterminds and Facebook groups fail. Here is the answer.

We work ONLY with vetted sellers and non-compete agreements. No one in your group may sell in the same category as you. And ALL members – myself included – will sign 6 month non-compete and non-disclosure (NDA) agreements. This lets members share like never before – adding massive multiples to your business. We ONLY want winners.

Only $50k+ Sellers Will Be Considered

Your time is valuable. Beginners add little value to your business. All members must submit numbers and product information before starting. You need advanced PPC strategies, innovative ranking tips, margin saving shipping and sourcing knowledge and help growing off Amazon. That is the focus of our mastermind — plus any other need help you need – that’s if you are accepted. Not at that level? That’s fine – here’s coaching help reaching $50k or an intermediate level mastermind. But for the elite mastermind, here’s how it works.

3 Months to Profit

You need to get a multiplier on your investment – way more than your monies worth. This format delivers. It’s a 3 month mastermind designed for rapid business growth. We do not have room or time for non-committed sellers. If adding at least $10k profit a month is not a goal, please do not apply. If you are happy with where your business is at, this is not for you. If you are committed please continue.

The Mastermind Format

We hold Google Hangout mastermind calls twice a month. These last at least one and a half hours and attendance is required. We find a time that fits everyone. The calls are structured too. Each member receives exactly 15 minutes to explain the issues with their business, their progress since last call and what they need help with.

Then the other 3 or 4 members critique and offer advice. Everything is to point, strategizing each concern you have with business and growth. I moderate and add my 2 cents continuously. Collectively, solutions are almost always found, And new growth possibilities discovered.

From each meeting notes are taken and action items outlined. It is your responsibility to do these before next meeting. We hold you accountable, forcing your business to grow. You are probably wondering about price though.

What Does It Cost?

For a limited time and for a limited number of elite members, the entire 3 month mastermind is only $2000. Wondering why is the price so low? Here’s why. This is the first mastermind and you are taking a small chance. I do not have testimonials or business doubling screenshots to share. This is an experiment you will make lots of money with. And the price is generous considering the value. I ask only that dedicate yourself to this success and that you leave “an honest, ethical review” of the business changing experience.

Is It Worth It?

If this is even a question in your mind, this is not for you. The value is so obvious. And it is all tax-deductible. To address concerns, consider profit. A mere 2% increase in conversions – that’s $1000 more a month forever. Decreasing ACOS just 5%, the same. And what of ranking higher, and faster? This is exponential. Together we will grow your business while avoiding mistakes others have made, setting potential high level partnerships and having a hell of a time growing your income.

“Consulting with Matt was just the boost my product needed. I was able to optimize my landing page, target converting keywords, and push my brand in the optimal direction to compete at a high level. A few of the conversion tips alone made it well worth it.” -Omar A.

Growth Guarantee

See success or your money back – no questions asked. If you are not happy with your results and put in the effort, simply tell me and receive a prompt, courteous refund. Your success will not disappoint.

Time and Space are Limited

Only 5 sellers can be in our group. And this is first come, first serve – today is 12/18. At most I will run 2 masterminds at once. That’s only 10 sellers at this reduced price and with the opportunity to grow their business. You must apply though. Only winners will be taken to maximize the benefit for all. And now only 7 spots remain.

Apply Today – Or Don’t!

No hard sell is needed. You either recognize the value or do not belong. So fill out the form today, I will review your application immediately and let you know whether you passed the first round. Following this, a brief Skype call. Like I said, only the best – that’s who we will surround you with. These are the people who will drastically improve your business. I look forward to working with you.

Happy Holidays,


Ps. Please email me after applying as well in case form fails to submit – [email protected]