Losing money on amazon

I’ve Lost Thousand of Dollars and The Result of My Expansions So Far ALL-142

As expected, Amazon charges you a fee to use their services, Amazon’s FBA service still has a few, sometimes unrealized, disadvantages for sellers. On today’s episode, I will talk about my mistakes on handling my cashflow and my result with other marketplace so far.

  • I lost a thousands of dollars and I will talk about my mistakes hopefully a couple of things I learn and some things you could do differently better
  • My plan on selling off from Amazon with other marketplace and my result so far
  • You need to stay on top of your costs one hundred percent of the time
  • We’ve built a couple custom integrations with Wal-Mart (coming soon)
  • The ultimate Walmart seller software and it’s still being built by us (sign up for Beta)
  • The biggest problem was me not monitoring my fulfillment center
  • JoeLister lets you setup and sell automatically on Ebay, no extra steps. It auto-lists and manages your listings and pushes Ebay sales fulfillment through FBA. Really cool tools

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