Introduction to This Week in Amazon TWIA-1

Hey everyone,  in case you weren’t aware we are starting a new mailing list called This Week in Amazon, We will be doing an email blast weekly with the most valuable information from all the top Amazon sellers, this way it can help you find new sources. We will be emailing weekly every Friday 8 am  EST so be sure to stay tuned.

Episode 1 – How to Grow your Amazon Business

Ezra Firestone and Ryan Moran go into extreme detail on the might of bringing traffic from outside amazon and the benefits to your brand, BSR and sales.

Post 2 – The effect of Amazon Seller Fees Rising on the Books Market

On the 31st of March 2017 Amazon fees rose on books which as lead to substantial consequences for Amazon, This has lead to growth on other platforms such as ebay.

Episode 3 – The Key Factors to Know When You Rebrand your Amazon Business or Podcast

Rebranding is not an easy task, if you are looking at doing so Kevin Rizer talks you through the most important things to know and do to keep your audience and redevelop your new brand name.

And that is This Week in Amazon. Go get at it.



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