Interview with Claire Taylor from Simply VAT on the Importance of Complying with EU VAT Rules ALL-177

Todays Amazon Insights

  • How did Claire get into Eccomers?
  • What is the difference between the US and Europe with Taxes (VAT vs Sales Tax?
  • What is the importance of understanding VAT regulations?
  • How hard is Spain to register VAT?
  • Why is European VAT numbers so hard to get?
  • What Charges do Simply VAT charge for Registration?
  • Is there any hope this will all be simplified?
  • Whats happening with Brexit?
  • What are the benefits of expanding to Europe?
  • Where can you start in Europe?
  • What are distance selling rules?
  • Where do you need to start a business to sell in Europe?
  • How important is it to comply with the rules?
  • What can Simply VAT do for sellers?
  • What is one piece of valuable advice from Claire?

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