Interview With Mike Z And How Studying PPC Made His Business Take Off and then some ALL-128

My interview with Mike and his Amazon journey that lead him to focus on PPC that lead him to a massive sale increase and now has a software that can help you duplicate his success.

 PPC Obsession And Why It’s Working So Well

  • Interview with Mike Z
  • Why I’m interviewing him
  • He already had successful Amazon business but then mad a goal for 2016
  • From Physical Therapist to Amazon seller
  • How his focus changed to learning the in’s and out’s of  PPC
  • How putting in countless hours of PPC research pay’s off
  • Why working for a partner works for them
  • His process of getting started on Amazon
  • Don’t do drop shipping
  • Why he was successful right away
  • How being the best version of yourself in all aspects helps your business
  • Mike’s PPC Entourage promo code; fbaallstars
  • Tons of cool features that simplify,saves thousands, and much more on PPC
  • ACOS scraper and how it works
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