Interview with Miguel Gallego and How to Tackle the Most Painful Barriers to Enter the EU Markets ALL-132

Miguel started an Amazon business in the US to test the market and after his success, he decided that anything business he would do in the US would be helping others come to Europe. Since the EU markets have less barriers to entry as the US did a couple years ago it’s a great place to get established and get a larger market share than the saturated US  AZ market. To combat through the biggest barrier to enter the EU markets Miguel co-founded FBA hero to help with coming to Europe. What are the most important things to remember when coming to Europe and How can FBA Hero assist that?

  • It has access to a high-end translation team to get all your listings in the native language of the country you want to sell in.
  • VAT is something much different to the US, to play the game their is no way to avoid that 20% tax
  • How FBA Hero can assist you with figuring out the VAT system
  • Wether or not to file VAT in one country or in all you sell in
  • How many potential people can buy your product
  • What are the biggest EU markets
  • The potential advantage of the language barriers in the EU markets
  • Whats Pan EU
  • How much you will save by storing Inventory in multiple countries
  • What is the sales value bracket in France and Germany before you need to become VAT registered
  • How FBA Hero tries to assist you not getting buried in VAT paperwork

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