Interview with Jason Megee With Regards to World First and Brexit and How World First can Help You Sell International and Save ALL-133

As an Amazon Seller you want to take in the most money possible and want to pay as little in taxes or commission rates to Amazon, Problem is if you are based out of the US and selling in Europe or Japan Amazon charge 4% to change money from GBP or Euros to USD. Lucky thing is a World First is here to change that. In this Podcast you will know how to

  • Keep that 4% or pay a much smaller fee than that amount
  • Implications of Brexit on Amazon Sellers
  • How much £1 is dropped compared to $1
  • How the Currency will affect profits for Uk based or US based sellers
  • Will the Pound go back up?
  • What to watch with regards to Brexit so you know where to move your money
  • How World First will help?
  • Bold predictions for 2017
  • Why should people go to World First?
  • Advantages of paying in local currency to suppliers
  • What to ask Chinese suppliers to get yourself a discount


Link to World First

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