Interview with Co-Founder of Splitly James Andrews and How Splitly can Increase Your Profit Margines ALL-135

Split testing has always been very important to make sure the most profit can be made per product, Changing even the smallest thing about your listing could have a major impact and increase the conversion rate. What are the most important things to do when doing a Split Test using Splitly?

  • First test a higher price
  • Swap Primary Image with Secondary Image (See which gets most sales)
  • How to make sure your bias doesn’t hold you back from sales
  • What is the biggest problem for Amazon Sellers to grow their business?
  • How Profit peak will benefit you
  • How well in the accuracy?
  • How does the algorithm work?
  • What prices should be set at each time of the year
  • How Profit peak has helped my business
  • What predictions are for Amazon in the Future?

Any questions about Splitly? Contact James at the email below and Click the link for a 30% discount on Splitly.

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