Interns – He Who Hesitates Is Lost – And Probably a Loser – ALL-125

Bringing on interns..why you shouldn’t wait.

God I have been working my ass off! Going into other Amazon markets and other E-commerce platforms is a lot of work and here’s why bringing on interns has been a game changer.

Interns Can Help you Grow, Scale and Win Win

  • Bring on people that have skill sets in specific areas
  • Free your time and focus on things that grow your business
  • Why Find people that are better than you in certain areas and skill sets
  • Hard Core History Wrath of the Khan
  • Why be you should like Genghis Khan with who you bring on as your generals
  • Find people who help with Sales funnels, email marketing, Ebay, Add words, traffic, social media..ect
  • How you can bring interns
  • Why incentivising them is what works
  • How profit sharing works
  • Helping them helps me helps them which helps me
  • Incorporate win win into your business to grow, save time and make it awesome
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