How to Source a Private Label Product Overseas with Alibaba – ALL05

Selling on Amazon and private labeling products means sourcing and almost inevitably importing. Today we work on finding high quality suppliers via Alibaba to build and grow your business, including strategies, roadblocks and critical points to cover to ensure you don’t get burned. Your supplier is a critical piece of your FBA success, make sure you set your Amazon business up for success with a reputable, reliable supplier. Money time…

Product Sourcing and What You NEED To Know

  • Ways to use Alibaba to find manufacturers all over the world
  • How to find suppliers for your product idea
  • What is the difference between a trade company and a factory and what are the advantages of each
  • How to contact and verify suppliers before purchasing
  • What Alibaba Gold Star suppliers really mean
  • Alibaba Trade Assurance and why you should never send money via Western Union
  • Strategies to get quotes with less effort in early stages
  • Why you SHOULD get catalogs of existing designs – can they supply multiple products
  • Talk to you supplier, use Skype – it’s fast, and builds a relationship
  • How to get better prices on quotes, shipping and minimum order quantities
  • What is a lead time and what is “good”?
  • Getting samples and what you need to know
  • How to avoid extra customs fees
  • Why Rus does small product test runs on Amazon
  • Why Matt buys larger inventory investments to sell hard
  • What happens when you run out of inventory on Amazon

Tools and Resources Mentioned During the Show

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  1. Hey there!
    I need to contact 2-3 different manufactures in China in order to complete my product as a one unit. How can i without being physically in China, make sure that item x y z (different items from different manufactures) get packaged in the same package? Do i find an agent that could do that job for me locally?

    • Whichever is the main supplier, try to get them to find the products you need from other suppliers. Odds are they are able to and know the right people to talk to.

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