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How Gamechanging Amazon Software Spurs Growth and Product Research Profits – ALL31

Powering up product selection, research and brand building with Greg Mercer 2.0. Today we’re building bigger brands, launching MORE private label products and scaling Amazon success at super accelerated scales and the Jungle Scout  guy gives some awesome insight into his $400k a month Amazon business and how software plays a pivotal role in his research.

Greg’s 1st FBA ALLSTARS interview

Today’s Episode Covers

  • How, when and why to build teams
  • The importance of systems and software to success
  • What it takes to build a scalable brand
  • How to hire help to grow an Amazon empire
  • The reason vision and branding builds long term success
  • When it makes sense to start building new brands
  • The power of product improvements
  • One AWESOME way to do product research – JS Web App
  • How to make tons of money fast on Amazon
  • What you NEED to consider about creating brands
  • The power of software is scaling businesses
  • Should you start a second brand or not…
  • Do upsells work for FBA
  • Why bundling is a big hassle sometimes
  • How to quickly cash in on the Amazon opportunity
  • Why JS software searching is gamechanging product research
  • How to find products faster
  • What and why you MUST know about the Canton Fair

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    Are those other brands under different LLC’s? Are they under any form of business documentation? or do you just create another account for the new brand?

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