Fight Back

Holy Shit Amazon Hijacking – How to Fight Back

OMG I lost my listing. My sales were suddenly being sent from Hong Kong. What happened? Here is how you fight back to save your business. This was a freaking nightmare. I hope to hell this doesn’t happen to anyone but if it does, hit back!

The China Hackers and Hijackers!

  • What to do when your listing gets hijacked
  • Why my products suddenly sold NOTHING
  • What to do when you lose the buy box
  • The reason Amazon’s fraud system is BULLSHIT
  • The 4-6 weeks effects of getting hacked
  • How to fight hijackers yourself
  • Why brand registry didn’t do a thing
  • The reason retail arbitrage is a waste of time
  • How FBA sellers find a way to fight price warfare
  • The proof problem that can kill Amazon entrepreneurs
  • Why cease and desist letters almost always work
  • Why Amazon doesn’t care about sellers
  • How culture can affect business relations
  • Why you MUST lower your price to keep the buy box
  • How to OFFICIALLY submit fraud to Amazon – place an order IMMEDIATELY
  • How to get ahold of the sellers
  • Why Google rocks
  • The reason win-win with a threat will almost always work
  • Everything is okay now – fingers crossed
  • How to protect yourself from counterfeit

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  1. I have only just stumbled upon your podcast. I have not had a hijacker as yet but assuming its only a matter of time but appreciate the listen thank you

  2. Do you have any links to Cease and Desist letters to use? We are having a huge problem with Hijackers on our licensed and branded images – so frustrating!

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