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Launch, Scale and Sell More on Amazon

How GlobalAMZ Helps Your Brand Grow:

  • Increase amazon sales with our battle tested team that's helped dozens of clients sell millions on Amazon. Let's boost your sales.
  • Expand to new markets and grow your overall business. New channels, new markets, more growth!
  • Save time and sell more with our expert managed Amazon business program. We do everything, you just cash the checks.


Most brands are not on Amazon. The ones that are don't know what they are doing. They throw up some listings, turn on PPC and expect a flood of sales. It doesn't work that way.

Amazon is the world's 2nd largest online marketplace - $136 BILLION in sales last year. But to win the Amazon game takes years of trial and error. 

The GlobalAMZ team shortcuts your brand's path to profit using our proven formulas for listings, launches, PPC and more to grow and scale your Amazon business.

GlobalAMZ Helps Consumer Brands Sell Internationally on Amazon - And Make More Money

Proven Team

With over 100 product launches and 25 million in Amazon sales for our clients in Europe alone, your company is in good hands.

UK? Germany? Pan-EU? Not a problem. Our local market experts know Amazon inside and out and will quickly prep your brand to push sales on Amazon. And we know the ins and outs of your legal process too!

Amazon Focus

GlobalAMZ helps brands on Amazon ONLY. The sales channel is HUGE and we are hyperfocused to maximize your company's ROI.

From private labelers to big box brands, we’ve helped dozens of companies see major sales volume and growth in Europe, the US and beyond.

Local Expertise

Sales and customer service requires an understanding of culture. Our global, experienced team consists of native, resident European and American salesmen and customer service reps to craft a perfect sales experience for your customers. No more poor translations and pathetic listing services - do the job right!

Plus we know all the regulations concerning commerce in Europe and worldwide to help fast track your business.

"Increasing our companies revenue by 30% in just 60 days"

Working with Matt has meant one thing... Me taking massive action to achieve my goals. Matt has provided me with a practical strategy that has already supported me in increasing our companies revenue by 30% in just 60 days. It's not always easy, but following matts proven methodology for building and scaling physical products brands has been a simple and straight forward process that I wouldn't have been able to do without his mentorship.

- Josh Barad (Amazon Seller)

Selling ONLY in English countries is LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!

Last Year Amazon Europe Had €27+ BILLION in Sales - Get In On the Action!

Most brands sell only in the US... or just the UK. That is dumb. Companies earn millions selling globally on Amazon. GlobalAMZ is as global our name say and we help brands do the same.

 You don't need language skills, country reps or a huge team - just THE RIGHT strategic partners to maximize your returns. Save time and money with the right team, tools and experitise to build your business bigger. Stick to what you are good and and we will do the same.

We are experts in selling on Amazon. Let us setup and run your Amazon operations, Europe, the US, Japan... it doesn't matter. Our global team of Amazon experts covers all the bases and marketplaces to help your brand scale.

Save time, sell more - let’s chat.

greg mercer fba allstars globalamz amazon recommendation

"I would be 100% confident turning over our Amazon operations to Matt and his team"

I’ve known Matt for quite a while through FBA ALLSTARS and have never been anything but impressed with his Amazon knowledge and expertise. If I hadn’t already built a solid team, I would be 100% confident turning over our Amazon operations to Matt and his team. He is incredibly smart and driven and always looking to learn and grow - which is great for any brand looking to go big on Amazon.

- Greg Mercer (Jungle Scout)

Boost Your Amazon Sales: Amazon is a Goldmine, Get Your Piece of the Pie Now!

We ONLY do Amazon, nothing else - we are specialists just for you.

We have 7 major services we offer but can customize to any clients needs:

  1. 1. START SELLING ON AMAZON - Missing out on the $136 BILLION Amazon opportunity? Our team can setup your entire business in any Amazon countries speed sales, growth and profit.

    2. EXPAND TO NEW MARKETS - Want to expand to Europe but not sure how? Our team can setup your entire business in ALL FIVE Amazon EU countries to push sales and profit.

  2. 3. GROW EXISTING AMZ BUSINESS - Selling on Amazon? Let us take over growing and scaling your Amazon business. We specialize in North America and Amazon Europe so you can focus on sourcing and inventory management and we handle sales.

  3. 4. MANAGE DAILY OPERATIONS - Let us run your day-to-day Amazon business for you. From listing products and optimization to pricing, customer service, PPC and more, we handle 100% of your Amazon business so you can focus on growth.

  4. 5. SPECIALIZED CONSULTING - Got problems you cannot solve? We’ve got answers. Let’s talk about your business (on Amazon or otherwise) and plan your strategy to grow and scale

  5. 6. MANAGE PPC - Advertising is our thing. Let our guys handle your Amazon. We will discuss a target for your business and optimize advertising to drive sales and profits while minimizing pointless ad spend.
  6. 7. SOURCE PRODUCTS - Our Chinese team have boots on the ground in China to find and negotiate the best products and prices for you.
andrew browne splitly amazon fba allstars testimonial

"He’s helped us a ton with Splitly in understanding the Amazon algorithms and how to help sellers get the best results possible."

I’ve known Matt for quite a while since Thailand and he’s helped us a ton with Splitly in understanding the Amazon algorithms and how to help sellers get the best results possible.

I have always been impressed with his Amazon knowledge and expertise and would be 100% confident turning over Amazon operations to Matt and his team if we were selling on FBA instead of building software to help sellers .

Listen to the podcast. He know’s his stuff, is smart, motivated and results oriented.

- Andrew Browne (Splitly)

Expand Your Global Empire

Get your brand in front of a bigger audience.

We help brands grow and scale without having to setup and manage costly, complicated mult-lingual teams.

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Our Amazon Team

Matt Ward

  • Hi guys, my name’s Matt Ward and I am physical products entrepreneur and FBA seller that scaled an $8k investment into a million dollar Amazon business in12 months.

    That’s why I started FBA ALLSTARS, to put myself out there, catalog my journey, meet and learn from top level Amazon businesses and most importantly, to help more sellers build HUGE businesses on Amazon

Gregor Leopold

Gregor's a badass Amazon consultant with expertise in selling massive volumes in Europe. His super German efficiency and years of experience helping some of the top brands sell on Amazon helps Gregor lead a team of Amazon specialists with one goal in mind, grow your business.

He know s the Amazon game inside and out and loves helping brands maximize European sales, often outperforming the US.

mike zagare amazon fba allstars

"He's helped us take our business and scale it to the next level"

- Mike Zagare (PPC Entourage)
manuel becvar import dojo amazon seller

"My sales have increased about 10% (in the first week)"

I’ve been selling on Amazon for a while now however some of the tips that Matt laid out definitely helped me improve my conversion and listing. There’s a few un-orthodox tricks that I haven’t thought about before and I was glad Matt pointed them out. My sales have increased about 10% (in the first week) and I attribute this to Matt’s copywriting tips. Thanks very much Matt!.

- Manuel Bevcar (Import Dojo)

Amazon Did $136 Billion in Sales Last Year
We Help Get Your Piece of the Pie!

Let Us Help Take Your Brand Global on Amazon

We are hyper focused on Amazon success. Dozens of clients love us. Let's chat about how we can build your brand bigger with Amazon today.

Just fill out our prospective brand application form and one of our Amazon experts will follow up. If it is a good fit and we can help your brand we will setup a call.

augustas kligys fba allstars globalamz amazon agency testimonial

"You have a potential to grow your Amazon business faster than you would do it by yourself."

Matt will not let you sit and dream. He is a fast action taker and his "no-bullshit" approach will make you move forward even if you are the worlds top procrastinator. During my 1 hour one-on-one meeting with Matt I've got tons of actionable advice from him, which I could implement the next day.

Matt has no fear to take risks, that's why he is so successful in what he does. I have no doubt that if you work with him and his team, you have a potential to grow your Amazon business faster than you would do it by yourself.

- Augustas Kligys (European Private Label Summit)

  1. We Are With You for the Long Haul

    We believe in win-win partnerships

    Our business is making yours grow and run smoothly. We pride ourselves on client success stories, increased profits and revenues and extensive brand building.

    Our team of Amazon experts is based in Munich and builds the core of your Amazon Europe operations, making your brand a player on the international stage. You don’t even need an office.

    We work on a win-win basis. We invest in long term success partnerships and pick our clientele carefully. Business runs best on a smooth and successful basis and with our Amazon insight and your brand, we plan to push the pace for growth for your company for years to come.

    We invest hundreds of hours in every company we work with and we only work with winners and like-minded companies looking to create solid incredible international businesses.

    If you are interested in working together, I’ve love to chat further and see how we could help you.

What About Proof?

We take secrecy seriously. We don't brag about the top brands we've worked with, showing off our stuff while using our customers as bait for bigger fish. We value them and their desires above our own.

Besides, you are on the site already. You know me. You know FBA ALLSTARS. We have got a solidtrack record of BS free results. We are are more than happy to connect you with past and current clients after we chat, until then not a chance.

Your brand values privacy. So do MOST other Amazon sellers.  We will namedrop you guys either! So let's chat and get down to business... growing your business that is!

WARNING: Please Do Not Apply If...

We ONLY work with winners. Negativity and small dreams are infectious. Please ONLY apply to work with us if building an ENORMOUS brand on Amazon is your goal.

Lifestyle businesses are great, but not for us. We BUST OUR ASS to build big, international brands. If Amazon is a hobby or you are happy with where your business is at, we shouldn't work together.

You do not need to building the Nike, but if you aren't striving for greatness, you are not really trying. We are here for winners that want to go big. We are here for brands that are building global success. We are here for sellers looking to scale.

If 5, 10 or 20x seems absurb, unattainable, impossible... you are not dreaming big enough. We work with brands that think big.

franz jordan amazon fba allstars globalamz recommendation

Matt is a true Amazon expert with a lot of first Hand experience. I can definitely recommend him and his agency to any brand interested in expanding on Amazon.

- Franz Jordan (Sellics)

No Questions Asked SATISFACTION Guarantee

We have helped dozens of clients grow their business on Amazon, both locally and globally. To date we have ALWAYS had great results. And my Amazon business is rocking too.

We are 100% confident in our methods. We are so confident in fact that your business will see massive growth and progress by working together, that we are willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee. Somehow we don’t think there will be any refunds. You will love to see your business numbers going up and up.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?

What if we are already selling on Amazon?

Should we do Pan-EU

Can you monitor Amazon markets to make sure counterfeits or unapproved wholesales are not selling our brand on Amazon?

Can you setup our legal structure and VAT?

How much does it cost to work together?

What if my products have special restrictions like supplements, pesticides... etc?

"I could spend months struggling about which direction to go and what data to believe..."

I had my first consulting session with Matt today and I’m very glad I did. Matt got right to the issues that were slowing my processes down and helped me see clearly. I could spend months struggling about which direction to go and what data to believe but really I’d be guessing. In one short hour he was able to help me validate some of the products that I’ve been researching and also helped me understand why. There were also a number of products that I had been looking into that he didn’t feel made sense at my stage of the game and again helped me understand why.

The time spent with Matt was well worth it and I now have a much clearer view of my next steps and can feel better about forging ahead. Thanks Matt

- Jim Burnard (Amazon Seller)