Expanding Into Europe..Hell yes!? -ALL127

The expansion into Europe has been a big pain in the ass..a pain in the ass I’m learning to love. After taking the first step it’s all the way up and I plan to take full advantage. I don’t use the word hard I say it’s a challenge and god dammit I’m up for it-here is why.

Expanding into Europe…?

  • Trying to make my business more diverse and long term
  • What is the Pan EU?
  • How thing’s having been going in the European market
  • The reason I am working on growth and expansion
  • Why getting people that are native on the team with profit share
  • Why the difficulties of selling in these markets are no joke
  • Help in Europe with FBA Hero
  • Sell any where in Europe and get a larger customer base
  • Pan EU..is the juice worth the squeeze?
  • How¬†to think about partnerships and why you need them
  • Why VAT is a pain is the ass you need
  • I wouldn’t be doing Pan EU if I didn’t think is was going pay off
  • Get your European shit in line
  • Outsource the headache and busy work
  • Think big, go big, take over!

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  1. Hi Matt, Just after listening to your podcast I came across this from today on MSN UK. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/news/amazon-and-ebay-sellers-vat-fraud-rife-despite-crackdown/ar-AAkR0x5?li=AA54rU&ocid=spartandhp

  2. Hi Matt,

    Did you go through the Amazon verification process, I have a UK limited company in the UK, I live in the middle east and also have a registered office address in the UK but don’t have a proof of that address like a utility bill. Did you submit any proof for your registered address during the verification process.


    • you need to have a registered address in uk for the limited company. alternatively a uk accountant would work too.

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