Amazon Ad Spend Cuts

How I Cut My Amazon Ad Spend in Half (AGAIN) – ALL102

Amazon advertising is critical to creating profit in your business. Here is quick tip to take your ACOS down and boost your business to the next level. For me that is $6k more a month in profit. How much can properly performing Amazon ads do for your business.

Amazon Ads Lessons

  • How to maximize sales and minimize ad spend
  • Why Amazon works to screw sellers with advertising
  • Ways to save a ton of money on Amazon ads
  • The problem negative keywords and keyword bids
  • How Amazon stole $6000 a month from my business
  • Why ad ACOS are now higher for FBA sellers
  • The reason you need to be monitoring ad spend more often
  • Why you need to pause all shitty keywords for ads
  • The way HelloProfit helped me track advertising issues and profits
  • How default bids affect your business ROIs
  • Why I am monitoring ads on a campaign basis now
  • The difference between keywords and Amazon’s ad platform

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