Comprehensive Import Dojo Guide to Sourcing and Importing Products – ALL62

Welcome to everything you ever needed, wanted and didn’t know about importing and sourcing products from China and abroad. We cover shipping, vetting, manufacturing, communication, agents, freight forwarders and more. This one is good.

Let’s Learn Importing

  • How to focus on goals
  • What you need to know about importing and sourcing
  • The reason your job can create your entrepreneurial skillset
  • Why being in China changes the sourcing dynamic
  • How to vet suppliers for safety
  • The power of expeditions and the Canton Fair
  • Why you need to be able to shift suppliers if necessary
  • The reason China’s infrastructure is setup for success
  • Why manufacturing in China is much better than people think – higher standards than in West
  • The reason I prefer Chinese suppliers over Westerners
  • How to get by with just English in Hong Kong
  • Why ecommerce and Amazon sellers should at least visit China later on
  • Why shipping under 1000 kg should usually ship air
  • The reason sea shipment is not worth it for small shipments
  • How to deal with freight forwarders
  • What the logistics of customs look like
  • How to deal with Chinese counterfeiters on Amazon
  • What Amazon China is doing to help factories grow in the States

Sourcing agents vs factories

  • Some factories don’t have export licenses
  • Communication usually easier with agents
  • Trade companies often have more connections

Links Mentioned

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  1. Hey Matt!
    I follow every episode on your podcast and this one is definitely a top notch!
    Such an important subject.
    I would really like to hear your take on this. Do you really think the Chinese factories\trading companies are going to hit Amazon hard any soon?
    I have just started selling live last month and I really hope we can have 2016 to our own before the Chinese kick in. There is enough competition already without them, but if they come in then prices will definitely sink.

    I know…great picture, title, bullets etc. But bottom line that wont cut it long term and I think we all know it.

    What do you think?

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