Recommended Amazon Resources

It takes a little help and a lot of action to be an FBA ALLSTAR. So here’s a few tools and resources to get you going and grow and scale your Amazon empire a bit more effectively. Note that some of these links are affiliate links (to help pay for editing and such) but if you’re uncomfortable with that, just Google the tool and you’re good to go

Product Research

Think JungleScout + Feedback Genius for Germany, Europe, Japan and everywhere else - the ONLY Amazon feedback follow up and searchable product database for ALL AMAZON COUNTRIES.

Amachete is a powerful and affordable web app and chrome extension that shows product sales, reviews and revenue for any product anywhere on Amazon.

Cheaper than Jungle Scout. Cheaper than Feedback Genius. More Amazon countries than either!

They even do VAT invoicing which saves European sellers a ton of effort. Get ultimate international tool now and get 25% OFF with Coupon Code: ALLSTARS

amachete amazon seller software

js webapp

I didn’t use Jungle Scout to get started and honestly wish I did. Product research is almost TOO easy. Jungle Scout saves FBA sellers time (and money!!!) by automatically exporting BSRs, showing sales figures, tracking competitor review counts and and a ton of other great stuff when searching for private label Amazon opportunities.

And, there’s filters to find only products based on your private label criteria. Seriously, Jungle Scout automates most of the pain of product selection I struggled with as an Amazon seller.

And you can listen to Greg Mercer, the found of Jungle Scout and his process for product selection here in case you missed it.

Or, if you’re more interested in how Greg build 5 private label brands up to massive sales a month, think 6 figure revenues easy, check out our latest chat.

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A free, powerful tool with a weird name, CamelCamelCamel allows you to review BSRs and product prices (including history) of any Amazon products in the past. It rocks for checking trends and tracking competitors.

Keyword Research

helium 10

For the longest time there was no good keyword and SEO tool for Amazon sellers. That just changed. Helium 10 has a powerful keyword research tool that’s help me add TONS of new keywords to my backend and PPC campaigns. It also checks if Amazon’s indexing your listing for certain keywords, creates and checks common misspellings, crunches backend keywords and helps optimize with on page SEO. I highly recommend it.

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when you sign up for the Platinum Plan!

helium 10

Google is organic search and they have a FREE tool to go through ALL the data. Search keywords, get suggestions and check search volumes (great for Amazon keyword selection and setting up PPC ) and even steal competitor keywords…

Copywriting and Conversion Rates

The Amazon Copywriting Bible

You said you wanted a better, business boosting book on Amazon sales and conversion rates. So I wrote it. The Copywriting Bible is the best Amazon focused copywriting book out there.

It is a step-by-step process. We find the important keywords, we research customer wants and then we write. First, a tested headline formula designed to sell well and rank better. Then bullet point strategies and writing styles proven to convert. We make a sales letter for your product and optimize the description. We cover all the bases on increasing conversion rates. Each chapter boosts your conversion rates. Each helps you rank higher. Everything is important and together it takes average and above average Amazon listings to the next level.

Convert Better. Sell More. Rank Higher. It’s that simple. Check it out today!

helium 10

I just found out about Splitly and I’m pumped. This is a kickass, automated split testing software for Amazon listings. You can robotically reprice to optimize for profits and keyword ranks across your entire product line. That means WAY more money and less work for you.

In addition you can separately split test titles, bullets, descriptions and more easily and effectively track conversion rates. That means better converting, more profitable listings. Use Coupon Code: FBAALLSTARS to get 20% OFF your first month and start selling better today.

Amazon Business Software and Keywords

helium 10

This is the coolest and most robust Amazon tool I have found to date. Sellics is a full service dashboard that manages and monitors your entire Amazon business. It tracks profit per products, rankings, reviews (with easy CRM to reply), hijackers while also doing inventory management, PPC optimization and management and even spying on competitors…

It is a fucking powerhouse software I highly recommend and use daily. Get Sellics today for USA! Or you can get the UK or German versions as well.

hello profit

What a name. I fucking love this software. It tracks profit, it tracks individual unit sales, it tracks PPC, keywords rankings…it does everything. In an instant I know EXACTLY how my Amazon business is doing. No more lying to myself about margins, ad spend or profitability. That means calculated decisions based off facts – ie pushing profit and business success.

The dashboard shows revenue, profit and margins per product. It automates things I needed to yet was too lazy to do. That frees my time for bigger, better things.

SAVE 20% for an ENTIRE year. Just $77 a month for FBA ALLSTARS listeners instead of $97 a month.

Amazon Feedback Autoresponders

feedback genius

Amachete is the ONLY Amazon email system I have found that works on ALL AMAZON Countries. From Japan to Germany, USA to Italy and India, they cover it all.

Plus there is VAT invoicing. That saves you needing another system and their simple interface and incredibly low pricing make AMachete a must. Get 25% OFF with offer code: ALLSTARS

PS. It comes with product databases and chrome extension for EVERY Amazon marketplace too!

feedback genius

I personally use Feedback Genius and recommend Feedback Genius for my Amazon autoresponder follow up sequence. It’s an incredibly easy to use and powerful tool to automatically get feedback and reviews from customers when they buy your products. I particularly like some of the variable tags and automation capabilities around sending response emails after customers leave positive feedback…hello 5 star reviews

Inventory Management and Planning

forecastly amazon inventory management

Forecastly is a powerful inventory tracking tool designed to help you with reorders, inventory projections, inbound shipping and a hell of a lot more. I love it to know exactly when I should reorder, how much and the simple built in PI system to setup orders with suppliers. It also tracks shipments to Amazon, telling you which shipments Amazon messes up and where you can get reimbursed full product price for lost inventory.

Check it out today.


TeikaMetrics is the elite Amazon seller’s dream. The software combines virtually all aspects of running an Amazon business into easy to interpret data, analytics and advice. From tracking inventory, projecting orders, reducing fees and hardcore PPC optimization. TeikaMetrics provides $100k+ sellers with the high level tools to build and manage an Amazon empire. It really shines in raw data power and can help sellers monitor and control tons of SKUs without worry.

Sign up today for a free demo of TeikaMetric's power software for your business

Amazon Advertising Tools

ppc entourage

This is my NEW FAVORITE software and biggest recommendation. I love their ACOS scraping feature to find new keywords. I’m growing sales and saving cash with suggested ACOS range bids. Plus Entourage helps me find non-profitable keywords and search terms to save a ton of money. 15% OFF for ENTIRE year with Coupon Code: FBAALLSTARS

helium 10

Sellics has a really robust PPC tool in addition to everything else. It is a full service dashboard that manages and monitors your entire Amazon business. It tracks profit per products, rankings, reviews (with easy CRM to reply), hijackers while also doing inventory management, PPC optimization and management and even spying on competitors…

It is a fucking powerhouse software I highly recommend and use daily. Get Sellics today for USA! Or you can get the UK or German versions as well.


– The undisputed king to connect with factories, trade companies and manufacturers around the world, Alibaba is where the world sources its products. There will be a podcast episode on this shortly so stay tuned..

Bank Accounts and Currency Transfers

Selling outside your home country and struggling to get a bank account and get paid by Amazon?

Want to save 2+% on ALL foreign Amazon payments and transfers? I am getting WAY more of the money I earn in Amazon Europe and Japan with World First, a virtual bank account that allows me to accept Euros, GBP, USD, Yen and much more. It is ideal for international ecommerce. And it saves you a ton. Amazon charges you 4% to transfer money to USD account (or vice versa) World First charges 2% (or less for larger sellers)! That is a big damn difference.

For a 100k a month seller, that is 2 grand difference every month – no strings. Check them out with this link to save a ton on Amazon’s fees big.

VAT Services + Translations

If you are selling in Europe and above the VAT thresholds that apply to each country, you NEED to pay VAT. It sucks. FBA Hero helps Amazon sellers with handling 100% of VAT filings and paperwork for only $147 a month per country needed. It’s a great offer and for listeners, use the following link and mention the podcast to get your first month free!

Oh, and guess what – they also do translations and review campaigns for all your products. It is great. Transition from selling in the US and move over to Europe seemlessly with help turning your listings into German, French, Spanish and Italian from experts who have been helping European sellers succeed.

Email Marketing

Holy shit this rocks. Just started with Active Campaign and it blows Mailchimp and AWeber out of water! Build out intensive ecommerce funnels, create customer tags, send sequences based off sales, on page actions and more. This is a really really cool and customizable marketing platform with built in CRM and I definitely recommend this if you are serious about off Amazon ecommerce success.


Mailchimp is another great email marketing provider, though a bit less powerful than AWeber. They have autoresponders and work list management but have less powerful automation tools and segmenting than AWeber which make it harder for effective upsells. Either are great options for FBA sellers just getting into email marketing though and will do what you need.

Off Amazon Ecommerce

shopify logo

Honestly it’s an easy choice here when taking your FBA brand off Amazon. Shopify is the fastest, easiest and most effective shopping cart to get started for ecommerce sellers looking to scale and grow a business. Their free templates are awesome (I actually use a free theme on my own Shopify site and get complements all the time) and they take a lot of the hassle of building an ecommerce store out of the equation. Unless you’re building a massive site with loads of products, I’d personally stick with Shopify as they are pretty simple yet plenty powerful (I’ve used BigCommerce before and results are night and day apart and support has been great).

JoeLister lets you setup and sell automatically on Ebay, no extra steps. It auto-lists and manages your listings and pushes Ebay sales fulfillment through FBA. That is a completely automated extra channel to add to your business with a tiny price tag. 2-3 sales a month and you make youre money back and your brand appear bigger.



I used to do my own accounting and bookkeeping. I don’t now. But either way, you need to have the numbers to understand the ins and outs of your business. I personally use and like Xero as it is really easy get started, most accountants and bookkeepers are familiar with it, it is cheap and it is web based. Check them out today and for goodness sake outsource accounting and bookkeeping ASAP.