Amazon Expansions and How Do You Focus More On Your Business ALL-141

Starting and growing a new business often means walking a thin line between earning revenue and pursuing growth.Small businesses with a revenue-based mindset tend to focus on creating a solid revenue model for long-term profitability before expanding their efforts.On the other hand, a company that is growth-focused concentrates on expansion and experimentation at the expense of near-term profitability.Today I’m going to share my journey into entrepreneurship and some tips on how to focus more on your business.

  • Different ways to expand an e-commerce business from the Amazon
  • Amazon expanding across region and giving a ton of opportunities
  • Entrepreneurs in general struggle with that shiny object syndrome
  • How do you know where to put your focus on doubling down on your business
  • Which opportunities are worth pursuing which opportunities are worth waiting on
  • A tiny little idea can cause so many complications

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