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Why a Million Dollars?

Crowdfunding’s interesting – cash for an idea. That seems impossible. It’s not chump change though, hundreds of thousands – millions even. All for a physical product. All yet to be produced. And I was in on action. I was copywriting, marketing and managing campaigns. I learned a ton and made money. But it wasn’t enough. Here’s why.

I’m an Entrepreneur At Heart

I’ll bet you are too. You wouldn’t be otherwise. And I wanted MY OWN BUSINESS – helping clients sell and succeed just wasn’t enough. I had to do that too! So what do I do?

Manufacturing in China – 1st Steps Towards Amazon

Most entrepreneurs manufacture in China, or abroad. I’m no different. I lived 6 weeks in Hangzhou, learning to source private label products and deal with factories, all while developing MY crowdfunding project – Shido Stand – a laptop case and stand desk in one. There was a problem though.

Lead Time Leads to Amazon

I’m an engineer. I designed the product myself while honing copywriting and sales skills for clients. But prototypes took weeks. And I’m motivated, I work hard…I’m impatient!

I had friends killing it with Amazon. “Why couldn’t I?” Why can’t you? So I started, never expecting the amazing path it would take. Product research, samples, negotiation, customization – I was living and breathing Amazon. Guess what happened.

Sales Took Off – Even From My Small Investment!

Amazon consumed my time. Things were moving. Sourcing new products, innovative promotions and massive business growth – and I’d only invested a few grand. I was shocked, but dialed in too. From PPC to conversion rates, images to optimization, I was playing on the cutting edge. I consumed ALL the content possible and began to outpace it. I was consulting without even knowing it, helping dozens of Amazon entrepreneurs succeed. And it was FUN!

manuel becvar import dojo amazon seller“I’ve been selling on Amazon for a while now however some of the tips that Matt laid out definitely helped me improve my conversion and listing. There’s a few un-orthodox tricks that I haven’t thought about before and I was glad Matt pointed them out. My sales have increased about 10% (in the first week) and I attribute this to Matt’s copywriting tips. Thanks very much Matt!.”

               Manuel Becvar –

Profit Proportional to Expertise – The Podcast

I wanted to help more. People had helped me and I believe in entrepreneurship so I started the podcast. I shared strategies and tactics and it took off. FBA sellers loved it – because of my unconventional approaches or pure drive for success, idk, either way people were profiting. That felt awesome.

But plenty struggle. Are you having trouble launching, growing or scaling? It’s all in the method. Action equals results, but tactics make the difference. Do you want explosive growth with a little ignition or a slow grind to sales?

Shortcut to Success – I’ve Been Selling for 6 Months

I hate sharing stats. Comparisons are meaningless and almost always cause problems. But you’re probably skeptical. You should be. The only way to make money online is to teach others how to make money online, right?

But for me that’s not true. Amazon is making money. It’s working for you too. It could be better though. You know it, that’s why you’re here. And the podcast has helped a ton. But what if you want more? What if you want faster, bigger success?

12-7 screenshot

For the Time Being I Can Help

I love consulting. I love seeing clients succeed. Nothing beats that. But there are two problems: time and money. It’s the holidays, sales are skyrocketing. There’s no better time to expand. And my time’s pretty free – not traveling currently. This changes after the holidays in Colombia – I’ll have less time and energy to devote. While not now or never, rates will be going up. I’ll just be busier. And then there’s money.

Omar Abu Consulting Client“Consulting with Matt was just the boost my product needed. I was able to optimize my landing page, target converting keywords, and push my brand in the optimal direction to compete at a high level. A few of the conversion tips alone made it well worth it.”

Omar Abu

If I’m Making Money, Why Consult?

Great question. Cashflow! I REINVEST EVERYTHING, you know that. Although business is succeeding, I don’t see a dime. I know the rewards, know my skills and know the success I will see with Amazon. I’m 100% committed to that exit. And that means consulting cash would awesome. Putting my experience to work helping FBA sellers succeed, what could be better? Copywriting, launches, ranking tactics…I don’t mind coaching -I love it actually.

Amazon consulting“Matt Ward Rocks! He always provides great value & knows Amazon very well. If you want to sell on Amazon professionally you definitely should be on his email list. I never regret reading his emails!”

– Vladimir K.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes. And no! You are 100% guaranteed to keep seeing the results you’ve been having UNLESS you take action. Together we can boost conversions rates, optimize your listing, increase sales – everything you want. Small changes make big differences.

There is no guarantee though. There is no way of knowing how much we will boost sales. But you will be happy. I personally guarantee that. If you are somehow not happy with my performance I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund, no problem at all. I’d be shocked though because together we will make this happen.

How Will I Help Your Amazon Business?

However I can. Seriously. Whether you need copy that converts, detailed launch and ranking strategies, help picking products or optimization and PPC improvements, it’s gametime – my experience and guidance to grow your business.

And it’s totally personalized – breaking down and building up your business. We’ll schedule an hour Skype consult and cover everything. You’ll tell me in advance what to focus on and I’ll review ahead of time. That means on the call, 100% value, no holds barred – pure, blunt business building honesty and strategy.

And it’s only $300 for the next 5 clients. After that I’ll have to raise rates, I’ll be too busy. Let me guess…

“I have an Amazon business for a year now and 4 great product, But I knew that they could sell way better than they are Currently selling.
So I was I debated whether to purchase the consultation service and if Matt really can help me increase my sales ( I must admit I was a bit skeptical…) So I contact him, we talked a while and Matt basically told me that my selling page are great, But!! Their need to be awesome and they are defiantly should sell more.
So, I took it, and it was one of my best choices I have done in my Amazon business because at one hour consultation I wrote 4 pages at my notebook, and 4 days after I started to Implement the conclusions – I got the Best seller Badge… And I didn’t saw it for about 6 months at my selling page.
So thank you mat! Hope to meet you soon at the 50K group…”bsr badge

Eli Ventura

Is It Worth It?

That’s up to you. Believe me when I say it better be. $300 is nothing. I better add that to your business every single week, if not every day. I’d be ashamed otherwise. Boosting conversion rates and rankings – these alone add exponentially more to business – everyday, every week – ALWAYS.

If you’re serious about Amazon it’s time to stop reading. Your time’s more valuable than that, and you could be growing your business. Schedule your consult today. Let’s get started.

“I’ve met Matt while traveling through South East Asia and during my first week of getting started on Amazon. When he learned that I was a complete beginner, he offered me to ask him any question, use his membership of expensive software tools, went to any length to help me out and constantly asked me about my progress. When you first go through all the steps of selling on Amazon, it can easily get overwhelming, even irritating and you are grateful for any help you can get from experienced people. Matt genuinely loves to help people and to share his abundance of knowledge about building an exceptionally successful Amazon business. His advice prevented me from making mistakes which easily could have cost me a few thousand dollars. Regardless of your situation – Just starting out, struggling to reach the next level or already a well-established seller, Matt will always have new ideas to boost your business. His notorious copywriting skills, his knowledge about sourcing products, avoiding potential pitfalls, efficient, successful marketing and anything else related to selling on Amazon make for the best, most versatile resource you can wish for as an Amazon entrepreneur.”

– Dominik Gruneberg

Schedule a Consult – And it’s paypal so it’s safe and easy 🙂

Ps. Already at $50k? You may profit more from our vetted, non-compete, elite seller mastermind. Learn more and apply today.

Look forward to chatting. Time to crush it.



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