8 Ways To Differentiate a Private Label Product for Amazon – ALL06

When building a successful Amazon business, it’s important to consider competition and differentiation. Why should someone buy your product as opposed to the dozens of other private label products on Amazon and store shelves? That’s what we’re discussing today, ways to standout and overcome competitors by differentiate your product for FBA success.

Differentiating a Private Label Product or Brand

  1. Branding – highlight your audience
  2. Bundling – combo packs and cool add ons
  3. Better pictures – showcase your product better
  4. Small product tweaks – make a better product than everyone else
  5. Targeting different audience – who does your product appeal to?
  6. Better copywriting – build desire and value through the page itself
  7. Better customer experience – think Zappos
  8. Better packaging – go premium

Other Important Episode Takeaways

  • What does branding really mean in a business
  • Unconventional ways to add value to a product
  • Why a bundle can be more than the sum of its parts
  • Why you NEED to stay on top of your supplier to avoid issues
  • The biggest reason photographers push product sales on Amazon
  • How to incrementally improve a product to sell
  • Why customer service and caring can make your business stand out!
  • The importance of NEVER under delivering

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  1. I have a question regarding various brands/niches on one seller account: When you get in contact with your customers (email marketing etc) do you write them as the seller or as the specific brand? I’m not sure what’s the best customer experience.  I’m asking because I want to setup a generic seller account but I want to sell products in totally different niches. Do the customers even care about?

    • i usually say hey this matt, the owner of blahblahblah. set up specific brands under a seller account with generic seller account imo

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