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About Matt

Hi guys, my name’s Matt Ward and I am physical products entrepreneur and FBA seller on a mission, a million dollar in a year exit. And that’s why I started FBA ALLSTARS, to put myself out there, catalog my journey, meet and learn from top level Amazon businesses and to help more founders find success with private labeling.

Thousands have benefited, sellers making tons of money followed my mistakes and strategies. It has been fun, go make it happen!

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I’ve been selling on Amazon for a while now however some of the tips that Matt laid out in the book definitely helped me improve my conversion and listing. There’s a few un-orthodox tricks that I haven’t thought about before and I was glad Matt pointed them out. My sales have increased about 10% (in the first week) and I attribute this to Matt’s copywriting tips. Thanks very much for this book Matt!.

Manuel Bevcar - Import Dojo
John Doe UI/UX Designer
The Amazon Copywriting Bible


Easily Write Copy That Converts Better – FAST

I’m only 10 pages in and can already tell that this is worth more than the $97 I paid. Thanks!

Craig Brockie
Hollywood SEO

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